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Your education — and your life as an artist — will expand well beyond the PNCA campus as you investigate the world through art while earning college credit towards your degree. You might study in Germany for a semester, work with a mentor artist in New York City, or travel to Asia with a group of your fellow students and faculty to learn from designers and artists in other cultures. From France to Australia, from Dakar to Tokyo, PNCA offers a wide range of study abroad options for both Short Term and Semester Long Programs. The AICAD Mobility Program (U.S. and Canada) and New York Studio Program give PNCA students additional opportunity to pursue classes at other affiliated colleges of art and design while fulfilling PNCA requirements.

PNCA grants and travel loans may be used to supplement your financial aid grants and loans for study abroad affiliates and exchange partners. Study Abroad Scholarships may apply. PNCA Global Studios Team will help match the off campus program that best suits your educational and artistic goals or assist you in developing an individual experience through internship or service learning.

All Short Term and Semester Long Programs are credit bearing and require application to both PNCA and the host institution.

Short Term Programs

• International Instructor-led Programs
• International Summer Programs
• International Internships
• Service Learning

*International Instructor-led Programs* are available for students who wish to be immersed in cultural and studio projects with related studies at PNCA. This program reaches beyond the traditional fall/spring academic calendar, generally preceding or immediately following a given semester.

*International Summer Programs* include both Affiliated and Independent Non-Affiliated programs in Fine Art, Design, Liberal Arts or Art History.
International Internships provide yet another opportunity for PNCA students to study abroad while gaining supervised practical experience in the creative professional field.

*Service Learning* is a teaching and learning strategy for PNCA students that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility and strengthen communities.

Both Service Learning and Internships may be pursued as domestic programs. The programs are administered by Career Services and consults with Global Studios for the International components.

Semester Long Programs

• International Semester Exchange
• Non-Affiliated Programs
• International Internships
• Service Learning
• “AICAD Mobility Program”: (U.S. and Canada)
• “New York Studio Program”:

*International Semester Exchange* is usually one semester of the junior year. These programs have been vetted to fulfill requirements and electives for a variety of majors. Not every major is supported by each partner. As an example, The Basel Institute of Design does not support Fine Arts. Conversely Victorian College of Art, a special Faculty of University of Melbourne, does not support design. With International Exchange students pay their tuition to the home institution and go tuition free to the host institution.

There are a number of *Non-Affiliated* Semester Programs provided by reliable Independent Vendors. The Global Studios Team will assist with helping develop your academic plan and financial aid. While these programs are not supported with PNCA Grants, all Federal Aid and Loans may be used, if the credits are transferable to fulfill graduation requirements.

*International Internships/Service Learning* (See details under Short Term Programs)

*AICAD Mobility Program* allows PNCA students to spend one semester in their junior year at a sister art school within the U.S. or Canada subject to the discretion of the Host institution. Participating schools are members of the Association of Independent Colleges of Art & Design.

*New York Studio Program* engages one student from PNCA, who applies and is selected by a PNCA faculty committee each year to spend one semester of their junior year in NYC engaged in independent studio work or an internship.

Affiliates/ Exchange Partners

PNCA has formal agreements with the following institutions for International Exchange (Affiliated and Exchange) with comparable curricula and cultural immersion. See the full list of these programs on the sidebar and get more details on the Outgoing Programs page.

International Studies Office

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