PNCA prepares students for a life of creative practice through rigorous training in art and design disciplines.

Students and Alumni

Are you a student or alumni interested in finding a job? If so, please go to: JobWorks for Students and Alumni. Below, is an instructional document on how to register for JobWorks.
PNCA JobWorks Instructions for Students and Alumni

Please Note: PNCA | JobWorks is only available to alumni for the first year after graduation.


Are you interested in hiring one of our world-class students or graduates? Would you like to learn more about the curriculum guidelines surrounding our internship program? Curious about volunteerism and contests on campus? To get started, please download and read one of the following informational handouts for details.

If you have read the information below concerning JobWorks and policies, and would like to post a job opportunity, please go to: JobWorks for Employers

Please contact the Career Services Coordinator at for further conversation and questions.

Policies can be downloaded below:
PNCA Job Posting Policy
PNCA JobWorks Instructions for Employers
PNCA Internship Guidelines
PNCA Volunteer + Pro Bono Request Policy
PNCA Contest Posting Policy

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