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Are you interested in hiring one of our world­ class students or graduates? Would you like to learn more about the curriculum guidelines surrounding our internship program? Curious about volunteerism and contests on campus? To get started, please download and read one of the following informational handouts for details. If you have read the information below concerning PNCA | JobWorks and our policies, and would like to post a job opportunity, please visit:
PNCA | JobWorks for Employers

Please contact the Director of the BridgeLab Career Services at for further conversation and questions.

Students and Alumni

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How to Register:

  1. Go through PNCA | JobWorks
  2. Click on 'Join' located on the top-right corner, next to 'Sign In'
  3. Fill out the step-by-step form

Submitting Your Profile

Once you have logged-in and submitted your profile, you will be able to connect to various social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook. These features are optional, but may have benefits to connect you with career opportunities.