Student Activities

“PNCA’s best resource is its faculty. Yes, they are talented and they have achieved, but what sets them apart is the extent to which they go to for their students.”
— Senior Nathan DeHart

PNCA’s Student Council provides a forum for Undergraduate students to share information on issues of interest, voice opinions on improvements to student life, and allocate a portion of student fees for activities and clubs.  Student Council meets every week in a town hall format.  All who attend get a vote on budget allocation and a delicious lunch.  As the largest student-run forum on campus, PNCA’s Student Council provides a forum to develop organizational and leadership skills beyond the classroom.

Visiting Artists

The campus is visited by an extraordinary array of internationally acclaimed artists, designers, poets, philosophers, theorist, entrepreneurs and activists. PNCA’s visiting scholars program supports a rich cultural environment on campus for all PNCA students as well as the greater Portland community. Graduate program events and activities are open to the entire campus and generally to the Portland community and are produced and sponsored by the graduate division of the college.

Student Exhibitions

Undergraduate and graduate students have the opportunity to exhibit their work in the many campus galleries.  The campus community celebrates the creativity of its members through a variety of forums, including the annual Holiday Art Sale and the BFA Juried Show and both the undergraduate and graduate thesis exhibitions. PNCA also opens it doors to the public in joining the entire Pearl District for the First Thursday Art Walk that takes place at the beginning of each Month.

Clubs and Activities

Weekly yoga classes and Life Drawing sessions are free and open to interested PNCA community members. Student-initiated clubs thrive at PNCA, the list is always evolving but, some of the re-occurring and lasting clubs include:

Anime Club
For individuals who enjoy Japanese animation and manga. (Daniel Thompson)
Mondays and Wednesday, 6-9 in Room 118. Thursday 12:30 Student Lounge  

Ceramics Club
Ceramics Club is open to all members of the PNCA community that have an interest in ceramics. No previous experience with ceramics is required.
Saturdays, 12-3pm 3D Building Ceramics Studio (Elizabeth Harris)

Design Club
A club for design students to share ideas, get critique on their work, work collaboratively with others and share/discuss like interests outside of the classroom.
Wednesdays, 12:30pm C4D (Erica Larson)

Friends of Frank Ukulele Society
Headed by instructor Frank Irby. A weekly meeting for ukulele enthusiasts and see why this instrument’s sound is so infectious! Bring your ukes, talents, and your lunches.
Wednesdays, 12:30pm 3D building, room 2 (Frank Irby)

Intermedia Club
A gathering place for Intermedia majors to collaborate on ideas, brainstorm group projects and also discuss the increasingly popular major that is Intermedia.
Fridays, Rm. 201 (Tyler Wallace)

Twice weekly silent sit for any member of the PNCA Community interested in sharing a peaceful 20-minute meditation.
Mondays & Fridays, 1-1:20pm Rm. 128 (Michael hall & Rachael Allen)

Outdoor Adventure Club
Are you into camping, backpacking, hiking, climbing, bike rides, and being awesome?! Then you would enjoy this club. On weekends they host exciting excursions to various locations around Portland and in the Oregon outdoors.
Thursdays, 12:30 location 205 (Annie Mclaughlin)

Painting Club
A place for Painting Majors and those interested in the Painting Department information, news, and events. We also give group critiques, visit artist studios and have working painters come to visit on a regular basis and share their experiences.
Every 3rd Wednesday, 12:30pm Rm. 125 (Ruth Lantz)

Photo Club
A place to nerd out over everything photography related, with group therapy to help guide your through Kodak’s demise and organize trips to local galleries.
Mondays, 12:30 Photo Studio (Courtney Coles)

Printmaking Club
Bringing students together in order to make prints, share knowledge, and create a stronger printmaking community here at PNCA.
Thursday, 12:30pm Printmaking Studios

Queer Union
Queer Union is dedicated to the creation of safe spaces for queers, their friends, and allies at PNCA. Meeting the needs of queer students on campus through community-building events, challenging and respectful discussions, and more.
Wednesday, 12:30 Rm. 101 (Kate Copeland)

Students of Color Coalition
A group that discusses the structural inequity and are not about the exclusivity of individual prejudice and person-to-person racism. Students of Color Coalition is on campus to provide a forum for such students to voice their concerns about National Policy, current Cultural Trends and Critiques of societal constructs.
Fridays, 12:30 Rm. 205,  Mondays, 5 to 6:30 Rm. 201(Michael Martinez)

Video Club
A student run organization providing PNCA students with exciting video related events, workshops, as well as a chance to connect with artists outside of school, both local and international. The club will host the weekly movie screening series event entitled, Cinesthesia.
Monday 12:30-1:30 Rm. 206 (Hannah Lee)

Working Artists Club
A place where students can help each other find ways to successfully put their work out there through encouragement, feedback, leads, opportunities, and networking for each other.
Mondays, 12:30 Rm. 101 (Jason Davis)

Yoga with Fawn
Come stretch your cares away in gentle yoga sessions. All levels welcome/Yoga mats are provided.
Mondays & Tuesdays, 5:30p. Rm. 101, Friday, 3:15 Rm 118 (Fawn Williams)

Youth Outreach and Art Education Club
A support network associated with OTPW (Over These Prison Walls) program. Members of this club will help facilitate fundraising and motivate mutual and collaborative action between the club, the class, and the Donald E. Long detention home. Students will learn how to use their art education in the real world setting, including program development and community outreach.
Tuesdays, 5:15 in the commons. (Riley Hudson)

The ACE Center — Academic Center of Excellence

Students having academic difficulty with writing, reading, math, or science assignments are encouraged to visit ACE for individual help on a drop-in basis. ACE also provides help with thesis writing, job and grant applications, proofreading, research, preliminary and final paper editing and general academic support wherever needed. The ACE is located in the Commons every weekday during the lunch hour and online.


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