Student Wellness

PNCA’s Wellness Center is dedicated to supporting the health and wellness of the PNCA student community. Health Services include insurance for all students enrolled for six credits or more.  Students already covered by a health insurance policy can waive out of PNCA’s policy. Students not covered will be automatically enrolled in PacificSource and the annual premium will be charged to their student accounts. Here is a list of PNCA Student health insurance benefits at a glance (PDF). PNCA has a close working relationship with nearby clinics for students needing immediate medical attention.

Office of Student Life sponsors wellness programming throughout the school year, including lunchtime chats with health practitioners, yoga classes, flu shot clinics, stress management groups, bike safety workshops, and meditation times.

The PNCA Counseling Center invites students to participate in up to ten counseling sessions per academic year at no additional expense.  The Counseling Center’s caring and experienced staff assists many students over the course of each year with transition and adjustment issues as well as more long-term mental health challenges.

Our Community Support Request allows anyone to share a concern about a member of the PNCA community so that we can do our best to assist students who may be experiencing academic or personal difficulties. ​

Services for Students with Disabilities

The Disability Support and Information Program works closely with students with special needs related to physical, psychological and learning disabilities.  We consider students with physical or mental impairments to be “otherwise abled.”  Reasonable accommodations are provided to those students with documented impairments that substantially limit their ability to succeed academically and artistically.

Among the student services provided by PNCA are services for students with physical, mental health, and/or learning disabilities. Federal law requires that schools receiving federal funds provide “reasonable accommodations’ for students with disabilities that give them an equal opportunity to succeed in their academic endeavors. If you have — or believe you may have — disability, please contact:

Rachael Allen, Director of Student Life and Residence Life