Unlimited 2020 Alumni Salon Show

UNLIMITED 2020, Alumni Salon Show!

Unlimited Salon Show is live
Show Dates: October 1-30

Location: Virtually, the PNCA online gallery

Join us for the 4th annual UNLIMITED 2020, Alumni Salon Show! Sponsored by PAGE Space (PNCA Alumni Gallery and Exhibition Space). We are enthused to continue UNLIMITED as an annual October spotlight in our exhibition programming. Our show goes live October 1!

All alumni are welcome! An online exhibition gives the opportunity for all artists/designers/creators to participate without size or media restrictions, including video and animation. We hope this new format will make participation more accessible for all this year, including alumni living further afield and alumni working in digital imagery. We encourage all to apply, and particularly our alumni from historically underrepresented groups including Black alumni, Indigenous alumni, alumni of color, and recent PNCA graduates!

UNLIMITED 2020, Hannah Bakken, "Words to that Effect," Letterpress prints on Mohawk Vellum 100# cover mounted on found property sign backings from Eastern Oregon with accompanying digital print, 11" x 9" on boards of variable dimensions, 13.5" x 17.5" digital print (framed)


Unlimited Artist Panel Discussions

Please join us for a series of Fridays in October at noon for Unlimited Artist Discussions where participating artists will be sharing stories of their journeys, inspirations and challenges.

Dates for Unlimited Artist Panels and Discussion: Noon on Fridays through October.

Enter the discussions through Zoom

Friday, October 2, 12:00-1:00pm on zoom:

Jeana Edelman, 1985 Painting/Drawing; Seann Brackin, 2003 BFA Painting; Hannah Bakken, 2020 MFA Print Media + MA Critical Studies; Rachel Anna Rosenkoetter, 2016 MFA Visual Studies; Helen Hunter, 2019 Painting

Friday, October 9, 12:00pm-1:00pm zoom:

Fritz Liedtke, 2002 Photo/Print; Jan Madig, 2008 Painting; Anita Spaeth, 2018 Intermedia; Elena Thomas, 2018 MFA visual Studies; Sam Hutt, 2019 Animated Arts

Friday, October 16, 12:00-1:00pm on zoom:

Lisa, Brinkman, 1993 BFA Painting; Anne Haley, 2010 General Fine Arts; Travis Wills, 2013; Emma flick, 2019 MFA Print Media; Tamara English, 2004 Painting

Friday, October 23, 12:00-1:00pm on zoom:

Jonah Groeneboer, 2005; Gavin Eveland, 2009 Painting; Cecilia Mignon Hamlin, 2014 Printmaking; M.V. Moran, 2016 MFA Visual Studies; Aimee Sitarz, 2017 BFA Photography

Friday, October 30, 12:00-1:00pm on zoom:

Amy Conway, 2013 MFA Applied Craft & Design; John Summerson, 2016 Animated Arts; Maggie-Rose Condit, 2016 MFA Visual Studies; Brittany N. Rudolf, 2019 MFA Applied Craft & Design; Shih-Ying Hu, 2020 MFA Visual Studies

Enter the discussions through Zoom

UNLIMITED 2020: Adolph Bastendorff, Lisa Brinkman, Kum-Ja Lee

PAGE Space, or PNCA Alumni Gallery and Exhibition Space, is a dedicated exhibition space for the alumni community to show the work they continue to make once their time studying at PNCA has come to a close. Entering our fourth year of programming, PAGE Space is also a hub for the alumni community to connect with each other and the current PNCA students, faculty and staff. While PAGE Space does not currently have a permanent home, exhibiting alumni work in various different locations allows us additional inspiration for curatorial practice depending on location.

PAGE Space is currently curated and managed by Alum, Lauren Stumpf (MFA VS ’16).
Email pagespace@pnca.edu with any questions!

Past Shows

For information about the exhibition and questions about the Friday Panel Discussions contact Lauren Stumpf at PAGE Space, pagespace@pnca.edu or David Cohen, dcohen621@gmail.com. For information about purchasing work from the salon show contact Faith Emerson at alumni@pnca.edu.

Please join us Fridays in October at noon for Unlimited 2020 Artist Talks with participating artists, zoom link

Enter discussions through Zoom