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There is not a better time to go to art school. Creativity is needed in all areas of society. With a hundred years of history along with a focus on the future, Pacific Northwest College of Art is a great place to learn how to be a working artist and designer. We see the value of the PNCA experience in the lives of our alumni who are successful artists, designers, entrepreneurs, and creative professionals. We see their accomplishments, we see the positive cultural change they create, we see how they are creating the cutting-edge and they tell us about the ways that PNCA changed their lives.

At PNCA, students learn to see the world through new perspectives, improve communication skills through the give and take of feedback in the critique process, and above all, learn to become a creative problem solvers.

Students are asked to do new, original, and authentic making and thinking every day. We know that in addition to helping students become a better artists or designers, this is the best way to prepare them to meet the challenges of their futures— to create for themselves their best futures. Our students learn to be willing to take risks, to be resilient, flexible, persistent. This will serve them well no matter their chosen paths.

We are also growing and evolving, developing new programs all of the time in response to the ways that creativity is moving now: into everything from app and game development to addressing ecological threats. We are eager to imagine new ways that creativity can impact the world.

President Don Tuski

Students are asked to do new, original, and authentic making and thinking every day.

President Don Tuski

From the Desk of the President

From the Desk of the President

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About the President

Don Tuski grew up in Hazel Park, Michigan on the north side of Detroit. Both his parents stressed hard work and education. After high school, Don went to Olivet College to study biology and play basketball, and there he became interested in anthropology. Understanding different perspectives is a hallmark of anthropology and something that still serves him well as a college president. Don received his BA in biology from Olivet College in 1985 and his MA (1988) and Ph.D. (1998) in Anthropology from Michigan State University.

Don has been involved in higher education continuously since he was an undergraduate. He has served as everything from soccer coach and residence hall director to professor, dean, and president. While in graduate school, Don focused on education and politics for his MA degree and deindustrialization in the midwest for his Ph.D. As he finished his doctorate, Don grew more and more involved in college administration at Olivet, becoming Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, then Dean and Vice President of Academic Affairs, Acting President, and, finally, President.

Beginning in 2010, Don served as President and Professor of Anthropology at Maine College of Art. During his tenure there, the college increased enrollment by 22% and revenue by 39%. The college more than doubled philanthropic gifts, including support for the college’s first endowed professorship, for student scholarships, and for the launch of new programs in textiles and fashion design as well as a program focusing on the intersection of art and contemporary music. Throughout his time at the college, he formed strong partnerships with other arts organizations and community members and groups.

Similarly, during Don’s tenure as president at Olivet, the enrollment grew from 759 in 2001 to 1,147 in 2009 with an increase in selectivity. At the same time, fundraising was focused on improving better scholarships and facilities. Don was directly involved in raising over $22M, which provided support for a new events center; auditorium; chemistry and physics lab; smart classrooms; football field and track; housing; and an art building.

Don Tuski became President of Pacific Northwest College of Art in July of 2016, following a nationwide search. Although not a practicing artist himself, Don studied painting and he has always been immersed in the arts.

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