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Last year at this time, when we had to quickly pivot from our annual fundraising Gala to a Special Spring Appeal, our community of supporters stepped up to provide critical funds for our students through a dark and difficult time.

We invite you to join us again in supporting our incredible, talented, creative, and resilient students through our 2021 Spring Appeal.

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The Impact of Your Gift: Student Access

Financial Support for Students

Students who need financial support in order to pursue their dream of a PNCA education can get help through our tuition assistance programs - General Scholarships, Equity & Leadership Scholarships, and the Emergency Tuition Assistance Fund. Each year, PNCA awards over $4.6 million in financial support to help students afford the cost of pursuing a degree at PNCA. Receiving help in paying for tuition is top priority for most students and families.

General Scholarships

General Scholarships help fill the gap between what a student can afford and the true cost of a PNCA education — and which help us to continue to bring in the most talented students to our community, regardless of their families’ ability to pay.

"The scholarship I received not only provided financial support for my graduate studies, but also knowledge that the school trusted my creative practice! Without this support I wouldn't have been able to make the huge decision to relocate for my MFA, especially during the pandemic."

Jenn Sova, 1st year Visual Studies MFA

Equity & Leadership Scholarships

We are committed to building a supportive, inclusive, and equitable culture in which all voices are empowered and heard and where Black students, Indigenous students, and students of color are set up to thrive. PNCA’s Equity & Leadership Scholarships are an integral part of this mission.

"This scholarship made a huge difference for me. Receiving this award brought my tuition balance to zero, and now for the first time, I do not need to work full time while going to school and can focus my time and energy in the studio."

Eduardo Soto, Senior Illustration Major and 2020 Equity & Leadership Scholarship recipient

Emergency Tuition Assistance

This program was established to provide support for students who have experienced an unexpected financial crisis, such as the impact of COVID-19, that puts them at risk of withdrawing from school.

"I had paid out of pocket all that I could and my student aid was exhausted. I work and am head of my household, but I needed more support. The Emergency Tuition Assistance I received allowed me to return to school for my last 18 credits, without which I wouldn’t have been able to complete my degree."

Anonymous 2020-21 Emergency Tuition Assistance recipient

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Our planned merger with Willamette University

Our planned merger with Willamette University will create so many exciting new opportunities and pathways for our students! Any gift you make to PNCA, pre- or post-merger will continue to directly support PNCA students and PNCA programs.

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