Ways to Give

We welcome you to contact us in the Office of Advancement with any questions you may have about ways to support our mission. Thank you for your support of our students. You are changing lives. give@pnca.edu

​Give Online

It’s easy to make a gift today with our secure and convenient online app.

Tax Exempt ID

Pacific Northwest College of Art’s federal tax ID is 93-1139187.

Oregon Cultural Trust

Increase your impact on culture and the arts in Oregon. Your gift to PNCA, when matched by a gift to the Oregon Cultural Trust, qualifies you for a tax credit on your Oregon State income taxes. To learn more visit culturaltrust.org.

Gifts by Check or Phone

Please make checks payable to: 

Office of Advancement
511 NW Broadway
Portland, OR 97209-3404

To make a gift by phone, please call:


options for giving

Planned Giving

There are many creative options that can help you and your family meet personal short-term and long-term financial needs at tax time, and achieve your philanthropic interests and goals in perpetuity.

The Anna+Lydia Society

The Anna+Lydia Society is made up of generous supporters who have furthered their financial and philanthropic goals by including Pacific Northwest College of Art in their estate plans. There are many creative options that can help you and your family meet personal short-term and long-term financial needs at tax time, and achieve your philanthropic interests and goals in perpetuity.

• Bequest – a gift given through your will or trust.

• Gift annuities (also known as a life income gift) – a gift of cash or property made by the donor to a charity that agrees to make fixed payments (income distribution to the donor is based on donor’s age) for the remainder of donor’s life. This option also helps donors avoid capital gains on securities/stocks. The donor enjoys a steady income and benefit to the charity at a later time.

• Life insurance – PNCA can receive all or part of the proceeds of a policy that you no longer need.

• Charitable Remainder Trusts – Aside from ensuring a substantial contribution to a favorite charity, these irrevocable trusts can help individuals and families defer capital gains taxes, increase spendable income from unproductive investments, qualify for charitable income tax deductions and reduce or eliminate estate tax liabilities.

• Gifts of real property - including a gift of a remainder interest in a home where you live.

• Gifts of retirement account assets – you can designate in your estate plans, including a will or trust.

• IRA accounts - tax-free “rollovers” to benefit from an IRA account.

In appreciation for your kindness, we are delighted to celebrate your planned gift to the College at our annual fall Anna+Lydia Society Donor Reception. Please share with us news of your plans to include PNCA in your estate or other charitable planned gift so that we may honor your support and include you in future special gift planning events and receptions.

The Anna+Lydia Society is named in honor of two of Oregon’s foremost visionaries in art, craft and design. The first is Anna B. Crocker, founder of Pacific Northwest College of Art in 1909 and Lydia Herrick Hodge, founder of Museum of Contemporary Craft in 1937.

Office of Advancement
Luann Whorton
Director of Advancement Services and Advancement Lead
511 NW Broadway
Portland, OR 97209-3403

To make a planned gift to PNCA or to learn more about the benefits of gift planning for you or your loved ones, please contact:

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Gifts of Stock

Your gift of stock provides for the charitable needs of the College while saving you any capital gains tax on appreciated stock or securities.

You can make a stock/securities gift transfer to Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA) in two ways. The first is a stock transfer held through a broker. The second is transfer of stock certificates. 

APPRECIATED STOCK/SECURITIES:  In order to retain the tax benefits for yourself, do NOT sell appreciated shares. Transfer the stock gift through a broker.

DEPRECIATED STOCK/SECURITIES: If your securities or stocks have decreased in value from your original purchase/cost, consider selling the stock and donating the cash. This will allow you to take a capital loss deduction on your income tax and a charitable deduction for the full amount of the donation. 

Making a stock gift transfer through a broker

• Prepare a letter with directions to your broker or call your broker today to initiate the gift to PNCA. 

• Provide your broker the following information:

PNCA Brokerage Firm: Bank of New York A/C # 117557 (First Republic Bank)
Account Name: Pacific Northwest College of Art 
Tax Exempt ID: 93‐1139187
Account Number: 1040008034
DTC Number: 0901
• Contact PNCA’s Office of Advancement

Please contact or have your broker notify Luann Whorton, 503.821.8955, in our Office of Advancement before any stock/securities are transferred so that the College is aware of the donor’s gift. Our goal is to sell the securities as soon as we receive them so that we get the value for the stock that you intended.

Making a stock certificate gift

The donor must have signed guarantee of stock power for each stock certificate the donor plans to transfer to Pacific Northwest College of Art as a gift. A local bank or broker can witness the donor’s signature and stamp the stock power accordingly. The donor can mail the certificates in a separate envelope (donor is not to sign the back of the certificate) and place the corresponding signed and stamped stock powers in a separate envelope.

Both envelopes should be mailed to:

Pacific Northwest College of Art
Office of Advancement 
511 NW Broadway
Portland, OR 97209-3404

It is recommended that certificates be mailed via certified mail with a delivery confirmation and return receipt.

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Gifts in Kind

PNCA accepts gifts of tangible personal property (also called gifts in-kind or non-cash gifts) that support our programs and students, or can be easily sold to support the College. 

Guidelines for Donors

PNCA appreciates gifts of tangible personal property (also called gifts in kind or non-cash gifts). We accept gifts that support our programs and students, or can be easily sold to support the College. For example, we generally accept gifts of art supplies, books, tools, and artwork.

Donors wishing to give PNCA a gift of real estate or similar large gifts should contact Luann Whorton. Gifts of art, gifts requiring a high level of management, and gifts that are high in value are reviewed by the Gift Acceptance Committee.

Gifts of stock are considered a gift in kind, and more information is available on the PNCA here.

Contact Information

Lauren Creany, Director of Annual Giving
All other in-kind gifts
503.821.8886 | lcreany@pnca.edu

Gifts of books and reading materials
503.821.8953 | librarian@pnca.edu

Frequently Asked Questions

Can PNCA pick up an in-kind donation at my residence or business? In general, donors should plan to transport in-kind gifts to PNCA’s main campus building. PNCA has very limited resources for picking up donations, and only in special cases we may be able to pick up a donation.

When is a good time to make an in-kind donation of art supplies and frames? During the school year from September through May is the best time to make a donation because students are on campus and in class.

May I make a donation of a work of art to PNCA's collection? Gifts of art to PNCA will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Contact Ashley Gibson, agibson@pnca.edu,  for details. 

Does PNCA accept books and periodicals? Yes, PNCA accepts books and reading materials for the library on an individual basis. Please contact Serenity Ibsen for further information.

May I drop off art materials at PNCA without making prior arrangements if I do not need an acknowledgement for tax purposes? It is best to make arrangements for making a donation, even if you do not need an acknowledgment letter for tax purposes. PNCA will still need to facilitate the distribution of your gift.

Does PNCA accept donations of food and beverages? Yes, PNCA accepts gifts of food, beverages, and especially wine for College receptions and events. Please contact Lauren Creany lcreany@pnca.edu if you or your business is interested in supporting PNCA in this way.

Donations of Tangible Personal Property (Gifts In Kind)

The following information is intended to generally inform the donor, and may not be applicable to all non-cash charitable contributions. Please consult your tax advisor for questions concerning donations of tangible personal property.

Tax Considerations 
In general, IRS tax law allows individuals who give a gift in kind to the College to claim a charitable contribution deduction for the fair market value of the gift. Refer to IRS Publication 561 titled “Determining the Value of Charitable Property” and Publication 526 titled “Charitable Contributions” for more information.

Listed below are some specific tax implications for the donor to consider: 

• Non-Cash Gifts Over $250 in Value
IRS tax law allows charitable contributions valued at $250 or more only when the donor has written acknowledgement from the College which describes the donated property. Donors giving a gift in kind to PNCA must fill out a Gift In Kind donation form in order for the College to issue a letter of acknowledgement for the gift. Valuation of the gift is the responsibility of the donor and will not be assigned by the College.

• Non-Cash Gifts Over $500 in Value
Donors giving a gift in-kind valued at $500 or more must complete Section A of IRS Form 8283 and include the form with the tax return on which the donor is claiming the charitable income tax deduction. The College does not need to sign Form 8283 when only Section A is required.

• Non-Cash Gifts Over $5,000 in Value 
Donors giving a gift in kind valued at $5,000 or more must obtain a written appraisal by an independent qualified appraiser. Donors must submit the appraisal, and IRS Form 8283, with Form 1040. Refer to IRS Publication 561 for more information on appraisals. The College and the appraiser must both sign 8283. It is the responsibility of the donor to initiate the completion of Form 8283.

• Non-Cash Gifts for Charity Auctions 
Donors of tangible personal property to charity auctions may only deduct the cost value, or original price, of an artwork – not the bid amount the artwork sells for at auction. IRS Publication 170 defines gifts in kind for a charity auction as “unrelated use” and therefore the donor’s contribution is limited to the donor’s cost value of the contributed property.

• IRS Form 8282 
The College must file IRS Form 8282 if, within three years of the date of the gift, the College disposes of a gift for which an appraisal was required. Form 8282 shows the disposition date and the amount of the proceeds. The purpose of the form is to help the IRS track discrepancies between the claimed value of non-cash contributions and the amount eventually received by the College.

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