Supporting PNCA:
What Your Gift Does

When you make a gift to PNCA, you are supporting the next generation of artists and designers.

Your financial support of our students opens the possibility of a world-class art and design education for students who might not otherwise have this access. Our students tell us: scholarships and other financial support for the college from our community helps set them on a path to realize their dreams.

What your gift does


Goal: Raise $100,000 for student support through tuition discounts

Each year, PNCA awards over $4.6 million in financial support including Institutional Scholarships - tuition discounts which help fill the gap between what a student can afford and the true cost of a PNCA education - and which help us to continue to bring in the most talented students to our community.

Equity & Leadership Scholarships

Goal: Raise $250K for direct scholarship support to students.

We are committed to building a supportive, inclusive, and equitable culture in which all voices are empowered and heard and where Black students, Indigenous students, and students of color are set up to thrive. PNCA’s Equity & Leadership Scholarships are an integral part of this mission.


Goal: Purchase new laptops for 50+ students at a cost of $100,000.

All our students need access to computers in order to be successful in their studies and to support development of a robust professional practice. As we transitioned to a hybrid learning environment this fall due to COVID-19, the need for laptop loans increased. We currently have more students in need than we do laptops available, and are working to increase our inventory in order to provide equitable access to technology for all of our students.

Capital Projects

Goal: Varies by project including an elevator, security, and others.

A PNCA education includes access to our state-of-the-art facilities that provide students with the spaces and tools they need to help create the work they dream of making. Maintaining these facilities costs money, and there are a number of capital projects in the pipeline for 2020-2021. Please contact PNCA for a complete list of projects and/or more information.

Emergency Tuition Assistance

Goal: Raise $100,000 for direct support to students experiencing financial hardship

This program was established to provide tuition remission grants for students who have experienced an unexpected financial crisis, such as the impact of COVID-19, that puts them at risk of withdrawing from school.

I am so grateful for the wonderful supporters like you that acknowledge artists and allow us to keep on doing what we love. This financial support will further my education here at PNCA and allow me to have a brighter and less stressful look into the future.

Olivia Harwood, Painting ‘21 — 2020-21 scholarship recipient

Your Impact

Supporting PNCA: Every Gift Counts

Regardless of the size of your gift – it makes a difference! All donations add up to a larger collective impact on the quality of the student’s experience at PNCA. Examples include:

$5 Purchase of one student-made zine for our library’s collection.
Our library collects publications created by our community of artists and designers, including students. Prices paid for student work range from $5-$300.

$10 Provides two ready-to-eat meals for our student food pantry.
Food insecurity is a very real problem for college students nationwide. Our free food pantry is available for all students who need it, and aims to ensure no student goes hungry.

$20 Covers a student’s copay for one mental health visit.
PNCA students are able to access ten free therapy sessions with one of our contracted psychologists per year.

$50 Restocks our student wellness pantry for one month.
Our wellness pantry provides students with free basic essentials such as pain relief, vitamins, and feminine hygiene products.

$70 Adds one digital pen to add to our inventory of equipment for students to access through our technology checkout system.
Digital pens are used to convert analogue information into digital data, used across a multitude of practices at PNCA.

$110 Buys 1 gallon of green screen paint for the Animated Arts Department - enough for students to make work for an entire year!

$150 Average cost of one eBook license to add to our robust library collection. PNCA's library houses over 40,000 books and other items. Your gift helps us to expand our collection of curriculum essentials as well as special collections and hard-to-find works.

$500 Covers the average fee to bring in a visiting artist speaker to PNCA’s graduate programs.
Visiting practitioners from around the globe form an integral part of academic and artistic discourse at PNCA.

$1,000 Provides support through student scholarships – covering the gap between what a student can afford, and the real cost of a PNCA education. Currently, over 90% of our students receive scholarship funds and/or some form of financial aid during their college tenure. More than 60% of those students are Pell-grant eligible, demonstrating a significant financial gap between available funds from a student's family, and the costs of education.

$1,880 - Buys one student laptop to add to our inventory, for semester-long checkout.
All our students need access to computers in order to be successful in their studies and to support development of a robust professional practice. The current COVID-19 hybrid learning environment has increased the demand for student laptops.

$5,000 - Supports an Equity & Leadership Scholarship recipient for one year. These scholarships, for Black, Indigenous, and non-Black students of color, or students who have demonstrated a commitment to working with impacted communities to end racial injustice, range from $5,000 to full tuition coverage per year renewable for five years.

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