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Expanding the boundaries of traditional graphic design.

We expand the boundaries of traditional graphic design, rooting students in a vital understanding of the relationship between medium and message. This area of study prepares you for the broadest possibilities and most challenging engagements in today’s creative industries.

We learn the history, principles, and major theories of design while acquiring both technical skills and those of ideation, critical evaluation, and revision to create provocative, relevant design solutions. The curriculum encourages integrated design solutions across media and fosters the development of research, critical thinking, and creative practice skills while being grounded in communication theory. Through independent and collaborative projects, students will meet complex conceptual challenges and offer insightful solutions with handcrafted style.

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I get a lot of support from the faculty members. A lot of instructors in the design department are also creative directors or professional designers at studios in Portland. I have a lot of professional support so when I leave here, I have a good network...

Daniel Gestri

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