Faculty & Facilities

Our faculty and staff of professional artists plus state-of-the-art tools and labs give you everything you need to make the multimedia projects you dream of. All of the studios and labs across departments are open and available to you for producing your work. And our home base on the sixth floor is a dedicated space for realizing your potential.


We use a combination of digital and analog tools to realize projects

Shipley/Collins Mediatheque for Projection and Performance

This 170-seat theater, with its flexible seating and capacity for high-end lighting, sound, and technology, is perfect for performance, projection, installation, and screenings. The space includes a green room and sound booth.

Video Lab

Our Video Lab on the sixth floor features a range of tools to support analog and emerging means of making, manipulating, and editing film and video. You'll find an Oculus Rift development kit, 4K video camera, Steadicam, legacy media transfer station, specialized projectors for installation pieces, Mac Pro with specialized video and sound editing/manipulation software such as Isadora, access to unique equipment like 8mm, 16mm projectors, mixers, microphones, amplifiers, monitors, and vintage film reels.

Sound Lab

The Sound Lab features a professional vocal/isolation audio recording booth, Logic X production/mixing station, DJ station with Serato Scratch for live mixes and web radio broadcasting.

Everything you need for your practice

Every door is open to you. All of the tools in all of the labs across campus are available for your making.

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