Summer Adult Intensives

Come embark on an immersive week of all-day exploration and growth. You'll gain new perspective and new skills, all the while finding inspiration in this focused and generative time. You'll benefit from the mentorship of visiting and local artists and experts while building community with other students in the program.


2018 Summer Intensives

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Monday - Friday
June 18 - June 23
Saturday, June 24 - Culminating Celebration and Exhibition, 10am to 12pm


Graphic Novel

Jonathan HIll

Students explore the fundamentals of visual storytelling in the medium of comics to tell complex, layered stories. Learn to combine concept, drawing, design, staging, pacing, and acting to bring the story to life.

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Paul Mullowney

This introductory workshop covers traditional techniques of copperplate photogravure etching: taking a photographic image from le to lm to plate, then etching, and nally printing by hand. Plus explore direct gravure process by which drawings or paintings on lm are used to create plates.

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Casting Call: Mold Making and Casting

Ayumi Ishii

Fundamentals of mold-making and casting techniques such as one-part mold, piece molds, shell construction, and life casting. Materials including plaster, clay, wax, alginate, urethane plastics, and silicone rubber.

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Shadow Boxing: DIY Photographic Experiments

Jonathan Kaiser

Learn to construct large-format pinhole camera; make photograms, contact prints, and enlargements; and get familiar with both cyanotype and silver gelatin processes.

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Tuition and Fees

Summer Intensives Tuition is $650 per week. Tuition includes fees for certain supplies, others may be purchased during the session.

Optional catered lunch Monday - Saturday for an extra $100.

Housing is not included in tuition fees.


Full- and Partial-Tuition Scholarships

One full-tuition scholarship for an educator of excellent merit, three partial-tuition scholarships for educators, and one partial-tuition scholarship for a student of any background.

To apply send a CV and letter of interest by February 1, 2018. 

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Housing and Certificates

Limited housing available in ArtHouse, PNCA's student apartments.

Adult Intensives meet the standards for Educators’ Professional Development Units in most states. Certificate of completion provided upon request.

For more information please contact Community Education at 503-821-8967 Mon. - Fri., 9am - 5pm or email

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For any questions about Summer Adult Intensives as well as housing, please feel free to get in touch.

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