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Art provides a window into new worlds, revealing things we might otherwise struggle to imagine. Critical Studies applies critical theory to visual culture, and investigates the role creative research, thinking, and writing can play in transforming systems of oppression.

Department Chair

Shawna Lipton

Chair, MA in Critical Studies and Assistant Professor


Ph.D.,University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee [Literature and Cultural Theory]

Shawna Lipton received her Ph.D. in Literature and Cultural Theory from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She is a literary scholar whose work is fundamentally informed by interdisciplinary gender and sexuality studies.

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Albert Solheim Library

As a base of operations for your writing, reading, and research, our beautiful Albert Solheim Library is a rich resource with an arts focused collection supplemented by its special collections of artist books, an extensive zine library, and more.

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The Lab provides the catalyst to build and foster a culture of peer-learning, cross-disciplinary collaborations, and mentoring and ensures access to technology and expertise to the community. Make+Think+Code will develop a diverse and inclusive community of students and professionals fluent in current and future technologies prepared to succeed and thrive in a networked world with ever-changing and ubiquitous technology.

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