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International exchange engenders sensitivity to cultural difference and awareness of culture’s formative effects

The International Office supports international exchange students joining us for semester-long programs at PNCA and PNCA students who wish to study abroad or participate in off-campus study. We also support international students who are working toward their undergraduate or graduate degrees at PNCA. 

We recognize how important it is for students at a 21st century art school to develop an awareness of diverse cultures, a sensitivity to cultural difference and awareness of culture’s formative effects. And we know we are a better community of learners and educators when we embrace difference and a multiplicity of worldviews and experiences. That's why the International Office supports a range of international research and learning opportunities for students, faculty, and staff including international exchanges, collaborations, and abroad programs as well as the promotion of on-campus intercultural experiences. 

Your education — and your life as an artist — expands well beyond the PNCA campus as you investigate the world through art while earning college credit towards your degree. From France to Australia, Dakar to Tokyo, PNCA offers a wide range of study abroad options for both Short-Term and Semester-Long Programs. The AICAD Mobility Program (U.S. and Canada) gives you additional opportunity to pursue classes at other affiliated colleges of art and design while fulfilling PNCA requirements.

Degree-seeking students, please begin the admissions process here

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Rianna Robertson-Levay
International Admissions Associate

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Outgoing Exchange Students

PNCA Students Abroad

Studying internationally and off-campus through PNCA Global Studios provides a rewarding, valuable, and life-changing experience. You'll learn to understand a different culture, broaden your education with new perspectives, and develop a network of friends and contacts both globally and nationally, which in turn enhances your employability giving you a competitive edge. Opportunities through PNCA include both Short-Term and Semester Long Programs.

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Degree-seeking Students

International Students Seeking Degrees

Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA) invites degree-seeking international students to join us here at our world-class center of learning, innovation, and creative research on the Pacific Rim. 

The International Office supports students who need a nonimmigrant visa or who need support for a current nonimmigrant visa in order to attend and graduate from PNCA. 

Incoming Exchange Students

Students from Around the World

Pacific Northwest College of Art supports a growing international exchange program through articulation agreements with international partners. These exchanges are usually in the second year of three-year programs or the third year of four year programs.

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Visiting Scholars

International Visiting Scholars

The International Office guides international visiting scholars through the visa process. And we often host events to introduce to the visitor to the PNCA community. These visitors include professors and scholars and artists who come to teach, lecture, product exhibitions, and/or perform research on specific topics. 

We also facilitate faculty exchanges, offering participants exposure to different pedagogy and opportunities for research and collaborative projects within our Global Learning Network.

International Office Staff


Prof. Orleonok (Lennie) Pitkin 
Director International Office
International Studies

Quyen T. Le
Assistant Director International Office
International Student and Scholar Services


Rianna Robertson-LeVay
International Admissions Associate

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Rianna Robertson-Levay
International Admissions Associate