Initiatives & Affiliations

Our global network of art and design partnerships continues to grow, and we continue to develop new modes of research, collaboration, and curricular exchange for students and faculty.

Cumulus Association

Pacific Northwest College of Art is a member of Cumulus Association, an International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design, and Media. 

Cumulus is the only global association to serve art and design education and research. It is a forum for partnership and transfer of knowledge and best practices. Cumulus consists currently of 257 members from 54 countries. PNCA is one of only 13 members to be admitted from the United States.

Cumulus was a pioneer in developing jointly organised MA-programmes, intensive workshops, projects and biannual conferences. These actions were followed by the publication of Cumulus working papers documenting discussions and sessions of each conference and by the development of tools and guides helping students, professors and administrative staff in internationalization.

Cumulus still aims at building and maintaining a dynamic and flexible academic forum which would bring together top level educational institutions from all parts of the world. 

Following current trends and demands, Cumulus offers wider international context for discussion and developments in education and research of art, design, and media.

Cumulus Association

(GLADD) Initiative

Global Learning and Diversity Development Initiative

The Global Learning and Diversity Development (GLADD) Initiative, implemented by the International Office in 2016, is designed to optimize and augment current resources and connections. The GLADD Initiative focuses on further developing partnerships, stakeholders, and financial support, as a means to increase PNCA students’ access to Global Learning. The International Office will expand the reach of the PNCA Global Learning Network, develop faculty and staff buy-in for Global Learning, and secure financial support and opportunities. With seven specific goals, the Initiative remains flexible and adaptive responding to internal and external events, the effects of emerging technologies, as well as economic and political challenges. The Initiative is aligned with PNCA’s Mission, Strategic Plan, and Core Themes.

As creative practitioners at PNCA, we observe, experience, and consider the similarities and differences that exist within the human and non-human world. We find relation to our lives, others, and the future. We acknowledge that every person’s neighborhood and diverse communities are dynamic components of an evolving world.

Global Learning: In conjunction with PNCA’s Core Theme, World View, Global Learning encourages individuals to engage with the world, its people, and their cultural perspectives. In doing so, individuals reflect on their own culture, values, and identity. Global Learning cultivates self-discovery, knowledge, and connection. As a result, an individual becomes aware of their role as a globally-oriented citizen, who is concerned with the interconnectedness of humanity and world systems on ecological, economic, and social levels.


Encourage and support international faculty exchanges for research, collaboration, and curricular development to encourage and facilitate student exchanges.

Increase the number of outgoing and incoming study abroad student exchanges by 100% within 4 years.

Develop more scholarships and grants for students of financial need to study abroad in semester programs and in Global Learning Projects by 50% within 2 years.

Develop and support short-term study abroad curricular opportunities through internal and external programs.

Expand, review, and strategically develop the PNCA Global Learning Network to support new and emerging curricula, majors, minors, and innovative pathways.

Expand external resources to support infrastructure and program development by 100% over 3 years.

Provide infrastructure, strategy, and regulatory support for International Recruitment for degree programs.


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Rianna Robertson-LeVay
International Admissions Associate