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Make+Think+Code fosters exploration and innovation at the intersection of art, science, technology, and design.

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Bringing together Portland's vibrant creative, tech, civic, and educational communities

Make+Think+Code is a research studio and lab that brings together members of Portland's vibrant creative, tech, civic, and educational communities to explore the powerful role that creativity and technology play in the search for imaginative and impactful solutions to complex and urgent problems. 

Make+Think+Code fosters a culture of inclusion and equity, emphasizing research, collaborations, and partnerships between and across industry, government, and academic and cultural institutions to create a supportive ecosystem of individuals and organizations. 

We are passionate about increasing diversity and equity in and access to technology and design industries. Our programming supports an inclusive community of learners from a variety of disciplines, cultures, generations, experience, and expertise, and we strongly believe this diversity leads to more exciting and impactful applications and ideas.


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We offer public workshops, institutes, and hackathons in creative coding, data science, systems-thinking, digital fabrication, AR/VR, IoT and smart technologies, STEAM pedagogy, privacy and security, and emerging technologies.

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In partnership with Crowd Supply, we convened hardware engineers and enthusiasts from around the world for a two-day party for hacking, discovering, and sharing hardware. Teardown celebrated the practice of hardware development: prototyping, manufacturing, testing, disassembling, and circumventing, all while having fun.

Andrew “bunnie” Huang was the keynote speaker, and engineers from Google, MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, Autodesk and many more took part in presentations, workshops, puzzles, demos, tutorials, and more. 

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Digital Inclusion Summit

Make+Think+Code Director, Nandini Ranganathan helped to organize the 2018 DIGITAL INCLUSION SUMMIT: ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY Building a digitally connected, prosperous community in partnership with the City of Portland, Multnomah County Library, Open Signal, Metro East Community Media, NTEN, and the Digital Inclusion Network.ty

This endeavour was a collaboration between many community groups, civic institutions, STEM groups, colleges and schools, foundations and technology groups all committed to ensuring access to technology, media, and education for our entire community.  

Access to internet and technology, access to education, expertise and opportunity in STEAM is an important part of the mission of Make+Think+Code and the digital Inclusion Network.  The summit focussed on finding ways to ensure that we increase the number of under-represented groups in STEAM, make our systems, policies, laws, and education inclusive and remove barriers to access through specific action and policy.    

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As the dream of a democratic Internet fades we are left to question what role it actually plays in our society and government. As hackers we have little time to mourn the loss of techno-utopian ideals as there is an urgent need to critically examine the impact of our creation and consider mechanisms for mediation. Artists and hackers from the Pacific Northwest inhabited PNCA for a weekend to produce new, collaborative projects that investigate this echo chamber.

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  • Airway Science

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  • PDX Creative Coders

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  • Pixel Arts

  • Portland 3D Printing Lab

  • Portland Metro STEM Partnership

  • TiE Oregon (Young Entrepreneurs)