The Make+Think+Code Lab is a space for convening, building a culture of peer-learning, cross-disciplinary collaborations, and mentoring. Make+Think+Code thrives because of the people who gather, teach, learn, and work here. 

Plotters, scanners, 3D printers, large-scale printers, and other facility equipment in the Make+Think+Code Technology and Research Lab Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA).

Faculty, Mentors, Residents, Staff

Nandini Ranganathan

Executive Director

Nandini has a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Michigan and an a A.B. from Wellesley College. At PNCA, she has developed innovative and interdisciplinary curriculum in mathematics, physics, research methods, and computer science. She is a co-organizer of the Hive Cascadia Learning Network.

Megan McKissack

MTC Program Coordinator

Megan is a live video and installation artist, creative coder, and a lover of data visualization.

Myles de Bastion

Myles de Bastion is a British-American UI and product designer, artistic director, musician, and founder of CymaSpace.

Rob Bekuhrs

With a BFA in Character Animation from California Institute of the Arts, Rob has worked at Disney Feature Animation, Laika Entertainment, Double Negative Visual Effects, and SuperGenius Studio. He is President of ASIFA Portland.

Sara Bernstein, Ph.D

Sara has been writing about and teaching media, cultural and fashion studies for over a decade and is the editor and co-founder of Dismantle: Fashion, Popular Culture, Social Change.

Reid Blomquist

Creative Technologist

Reid's experience includes full-stack web development and building immersive VR and AR experiences with Unity3d.

Reese Bowes, MFA

A native of South Africa, Reese is currently a user experience researcher, interaction designer, and industrial designer for Intel Labs in Oregon. Reese Bowes

Surya Buchwald

Director of Innovation for Helios Interactive, Reese toured as the VJ for Deadmau5, The Glitch Mob and Wolfgang Gartner.

Ingrid Diran, Ph.D

Ingrid Diran's work traces the intersections of African American literature, critical theory, and biopolitics.

Jesse England MFA

Jesse England is an interdisciplinary artist and post-secondary educator.

Douglas Hanes, Ph.D

Dr. Hanes teaches biostatistics and research methodology at the National University of Natural Medicine and is the research biostatistician at the Helfgott Research Institute.

Shashi Jain

Shashi is an IoT Innovation Manager at Intel and also works with Portland 3D Printing Lab Meetup, eNABLE, and TYE Oregon.

Michael Hyde

Michael is a Maker educator, STEAM curriculum integrator and designer, and an educational technologist with a background in art, film, music and technology with a Masters in Teaching from Concordia University.

Dylan McNamee, Ph.D

Dylan has taught computer science at the graduate level (at the Oregon Graduate Institute), undergraduate (at Reed College), and high school (at Madison High School). He co-founded two startup companies in the early 2000's, then joined Galois, Inc.

Scott Murray, MFA

Scott Murray is a designer, creative coder, and artist who writes software to create data visualizations and other interactive phenomena. He is in the Learning Group at O’Reilly Media.

Salvador Orara

Salvador is a creative technologist, interaction designer, and educator. His research explores and employs post-cognitive frameworks to develop low fidelity instantiations of potential futures with digital objects and ecosystems.

Gabe Paez

Gabe Paez is the Founder and CEO of WILD, a software company building a virtual reality based suite of tools for designers to create, share, and collaborate on their life-scale designs.

Andy Powell

Trained in architecture, Andy founded Superfab to cultivate a new model for shaping the built environment.

Ben Purdy

Ben is a creative technologist focusing on the application of software and hardware for use in interactive installation. He's worked at McAfee, Instrument, and Glowbox.

Jeremy Rotsztain, M.P.S

Jeremy is an artist and software programmer working with computer graphics to explore new modes of abstraction—across video installations, virtual reality worlds, mobile phone applications, and digital prints.

Howard Silverman

Howard Silverman teaches applied systems thinking in the Collaborative Design program at Pacific Northwest College of Art and in the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University.

Sue Slagle

Sue Slagle (stage name SUE-C) is a video and light artist currently living and working in Portland, OR.

Shawn Trail

Research Fellow and Affiliate Faculty member

Shawn is an Interdisciplinary PhD Candidate (ABD '18) in Computer Science and Music from the University of Victoria, BC. He holds a Master of Music degree in Studio Composition from SUNY Purchase College Conservatory of Music; and a dual Bachelor of Arts in Music Technology/Percussion Performance from Bellarmine University.

Shannon Willis, M.F.A

Shannon is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work explores the exchange between philosophy, quantum physics, spirituality, and emotions.

Libbey White

Libbey is a software developer at the Knight Cancer Institute. She also has an MFA in Science & Natural History Filmmaking.

Thomas Wester

Thomas is an independent creative and technical director for interactive experiences. He has worked with The Royal Shakespeare Company, The National Archives, Library of Congress, Hermès, MoMA, MFA Boston, and exhibited at Tribeca and Sundance Film Festival.

Craig Winslow

Craig Winslow is an experiential designer who has worked on the industrial design team at JDK Design and currently runs his own studio and is an Adobe Creative Resident

Ryan Woodring

Ryan is a teaching artist, compositor, and arts organizer who teaches workshops on visual effects and animation at Open Signal. He is the founding director of Prequel Artist Program and programmed the artist talk series Future Forum.

Daniel Meyers

Daniel is an architect and a Founding Principal of plus & greater than. He has also served as creative director in exhibition design, digital design, and marketing agencies.

Traci Sym

Traci is an award-winning experience designer and Creative Director who lead the experience design and media practice at Skylab Architecture and served as the Experience Design Director at Second Story Interactive Studios. She is a Founding Principal of plus & greater than.

John Brown

John is a technical problem solver with a creative slant who serves as a Technical Director at Instrument.

Matthew Rhoades

Matthew is one of the most accomplished and respected design minds in the Pacific Northwest, a veteran of several global design studios and former Nike Global Creative Director. Currently, he is the Founder / Chief Creative at MatteLab.

Meenakshi Rao, Ph.D.

Meenakshi is interested in leveraging our senses, emerging sensor technologies, and machine learning to explore, monitor, measure, map, visualize, analyze – to understand our cities.

Bennett Battaile

Fascinated with geometry, Bennett does graphics programming for CAD, calculates DNA bends, and makes woven Penrose tilings and lacy mathematical glass sculptures.

Zack Marlow-McCarthy

Zack is a creative code and video professional and interactive media artist excited about the possibilities of the expanded digital toolkit.

Mike Heavers

Mike is a creative coder and teacher with a passion for the creative use of technology in physical objects. He works with Instrument.

Resident Alumni and Students

Giuliano Bruno

Student Assistant

Giuliano is an artist who works to examine the intersection of creativity, philosophy, and technology to find new and innovative possibilities within the scope of the fine arts.

Steph Fogel

Alumni Resident/Instructor

Stephanie is an artist, writer, activist, and Indigenous maker hailing from Oregon. Her painting and printmaking work contributes to a rich historical discourse of Native American activism, exploring themes of ecological responsibility, geometrics, and cultural hybridity.

Tayler Howard

Student Assistant

Tayler is a PNCA Illustration student who loves finding the intersections between nature and technology in her work.

Marin Vesely

Student Assistant

Marin is an artist and technician who works with light, sound, and electronics to make interactive environments.

Jacob Houseman

Student Assistant

Jacob is an Animated Arts student working primarily with digital techniques. He's vry excited about 3D animation for VR, and has an interest in creative coding.

Mareika Glenn

Alumni Resident/Instructor

Mareika is a PNCA Illustration alumna who makes books and collects and reproduces pictures of rude toads.

Monica McGrane


Monica is an intermedia artist focusing on experimentation and the synthesis of analog and digital techniques.

Stephanie Mendoza

Community Artist

Stephanie is a Mixed Reality Navigator focused on Social and web VR /AR, as well as promoting digital literacy through art and simulation. She has taught programming through and WebVR at universities, conferences, and at the MIT Media Lab.

Nyssa Oru

Alumni Resident/Instructor

Nyssa is a multimedia illustrator invested in combining technology with purpose and design. Nyssa's work focuses on narrative form with a basis in social theory and an obsession with the number zero.

Harry Schneider

Alumni Resident/Instructor

Harry received his MFA in Print Media at PNCA in 2016. His work revolves around one’s connection to and awareness of space and place.

Darrell Rossman

Working with the crowdfunding platform Crowd Supply, Darrell helps creators with every stage of their open source hardware projects. Over the years, he's manufactured/designed/marketed/consulted on projects small and large.

Lou Watson

Alumni Resident/Instructor

Lou received her BFA in Intermedia Studies from the Pacific Northwest College of Art. Her work involves looking closely at the everyday and transposing it through music, movement, get-togethers, and game playing.

Danny Verde

Alumni Resident

Danny is a PNCA Communication Design alumnus. His work often considers how technology is used to create impactful graphic solutions. He is a commercial designer with skills in strategy, design, and photography.

Amy Bonin

Amy is an illustrator and maker who loves to give more personality to animals and everyday objects through her illustrations.


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