Students, alumni, resident artists, and community members make inspiring projects with Make+Think+Code tools and community connections. 

Karma Has You

For his Animated Arts thesis project, Ran Sheng designed and fabricated traditional Chinese shadow puppets with very non-traditional technologies (the laser cutter!). This project gives these puppets a new life by using animation as a medium, fusing historical puppetry and modern stop-motion animation techniques to illustrate a Chinese parable about karma. In other words, it is classical folk-art reborn in a contemporary art form.

Ran Sheng, Karma Has You, Gallery

Sensing the Environment

Sensing the Environment: A Citizen Science/Connected Learning project is a series of collaborative projects between Make+Think+Code@PNCA, Intel, and the Sandy River Basin Watershed Council. This citizen science/collaborative research/education project between Make+Think+Code@PNCA, Intel Labs, and various community/industry groups to use science, technology, data, art, and design to better understand our ecosystems, and the habitats and behaviors of birds and other life that share our environment.

Margaret's Blight

For her thesis project, Illustration major Marlow Dobbe '16 designed a modified 2D side-scroller that follows the journey of Princess Margaret, a Badger Warrior locked in battle with The Wizard over control of her Forest Kingdom. Through visual design, game design, and writing, Margaret’s Blight attempts to address and subvert common and harmful tropes used to define female characters in video games.

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