Our public workshops throughout the year find students and professionals doing hands-on learning side by side.

Explorations of the applications of emerging technologies

Our workshops, institutes, and hackathons welcome our students as well as diverse professional community members to experiment with emerging technologies including virtual reality, augmented reality, and games; digital design, fabrication, and prototyping; creative coding; data science; electronics, microcontrollers, and internet-of-things; STEAM pedagogy; and privacy and security. Our curriculum is interdisciplinary, emphasizing collaborative problem-solving in cross-disciplinary teams.

Catalog & Registration

See descriptions of all of our classes and workshops from Making Machines Talk to Interaction in a Spatial Context on our Eventbrite. We take registration from members of the public through Eventbrite while PNCA students register through the PNCA course registration system (see Homeroom for more). 

Eventbrite 2017-18 Catalog (PDF)

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