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​Reed + PNCA Joint Degree​

PNCA and Reed College offer a unique opportunity to students interested in combining the rigor and academics of a liberal arts BA with the studio exploration and critical analysis of a BFA. Through the Reed + PNCA Joint Degree program, you can earn two degrees in just five years: a BFA from PNCA and a BA from Reed. 

You'll spend the first and second years in courses at Reed, focusing on studies in liberal arts and humanities to foster ideas and inquiry. Then, you'll spend years three and four in full-time study at PNCA in the studio arts building skills in critical analysis through research, projects, and courses within a chosen major. In your fifth year, you will combine work at both institutions culminating in the forms of a studio capstone project and written thesis.

Students interested in pursuing the Reed/PNCA Joint Degree Program must be accepted individually into each college.

For further information please contact PNCA’s Office of Academic Affairs at

Program Flow

At a Glance

Degrees Earned

BFA from PNCA BA with a major in Art from Reed  


Five year program — Must be an art major at Reed — Separate application to each college (must apply to Reed first) — 5th year split between PNCA and Reed — Thesis done at PNCA — Thesis committee consists of PNCA and Reed faculty  


  • Year 1: Reed College
  • Year 2: Reed College
  • Year 3: Pacific Northwest College of Art
  • Year 4: Pacific Northwest College of Art 
  • Year 5: ½ REED, ½ PNCA  

Application Process

To apply you will fill out two separate applications. To begin, you apply to Reed College. Once you are accepted to Reed, you apply to PNCA. Reed students may apply to PNCA for this joint program as late as sophomore year. 

Additional Notes on the Program

During your first two years at Reed, 1 art class required.  Reed liberal arts classes are not analogous to PNCA’s.   Each liberal arts class is multidisciplinary.   No liberal arts classes taken at PNCA (except Art History class specific to major). All Art History classes are taken at Reed (except Art History class specific to major).   Studio classes only at PNCA during 3rd + 4th year.  Must complete 78 PNCA credits.


If you would like more information about enrolling in this dual program, please contact us.

Office of Academic Affairs