PNCA is Hosting Portland's National Portfolio Day

The Portland National Portfolio Day will be here at PNCA, Sunday, November 10 from 12-4pm.

Come early at 10am — Join our special morning program for students and parents to learn more about portfolio preparation and PNCA, plus, take a tour.

PNCA's Undergraduate NPD Schedule

We are coming to a National Portfolio Day near you!

Nashville, TN. September 14

Atlanta, GA. September 14

New Orleans, LA. September 15

Memphis, TN. September 15

Phoenix, AZ. September 21

Milwaukee, WI. September 21

Albuquerque, NM. September 22

Austin, TX. September 28

Kansas City, MO. September 28

Dallas, TX. September 29

St. Louis, MO. September 29

Denver, CO. October 5

Richmond, VA. October 5

Minneapolis, MN. October 6

Charlotte, NC. October 6

Hartford, CT. October 12

Boston, MA. October 13

Indianapolis, IN. October 19

Chicago, IL. October 20

New York, NY. October 26

Philadelphia, PA. October 27

Toronto, Canada November 2

Washington, DC. November 2

Detroit, MI. November 3

Baltimore, MD. November 3

Seattle, WA. November 9

San Diego, CA. November 9

Los Angeles, CA. November 10

Portland, OR. November 10

Paris, FR. November 16

Vancouver, BC. November 16

Cincinnati, OH. November 16

San Francisco, CA. November 17

Cleveland, OH. November 17

Miami, FL. January 25, 2020

Sarasota, FL. January 26, 2020

PNCA's Graduate NPD Schedule

PNCA will be visiting these Graduate National Portfolio Days

We are attending:

Online. September 20

San Francisco, CA. October 19

Boston, MA. October 26

New York City, NY. October 27

Chicago, IL. November 2

Paris, FR. November 16

Online. November 21

Why Attend?

​A vital part of your application: your portfolio.

Attending a National Portfolio Day allows for the opportunity to meet over 60 of the nation’s top art and design institutions. You'll get direct feedback on your work and personal guidance on how to showcase your strengths before applying.

All National Portfolio Day events are free and open to the public on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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Book a personal Portfolio Review

Our admissions counselors offer one-on-one portfolio reviews that can be scheduled at your convenience. Please contact us M-F, 9am-5pm to schedule your appointment.

Courtney Mumma
Admissions Office Manager

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