Community Updates

June 26, 2020

Access to PNCA facilities is very limited over the summer as we prepare for a safe, thoughtful and well-organized opening this fall.

BFA students will not have access to the Glass building over the summer. There may be limited opportunities for students to access the 511 Building for small group activities with clear parameters and faculty support -- such as a proposed sign-making project in Printmaking. Other than that, we do not anticipate allowing BFA students into the 511 Building unless they are there to retrieve something. Please contact Campus Safety if you need to enter the building.

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Homeroom Department Sites

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Human Resources
Business Office

Covid Testing Sites In Portland

AFC Urgent Care - (503) 564-1856

  • No appointment required
  • No referral Required
  • Covid and Antibody Testing
  • No symptoms Required
  • Multiple locations: NW Portland, NE Portland, Lake Oswego, Beaverton, Oregon City

Providence Immediate Care - Gateway - (503) 215-9900

  • No appointment required
  • No referral Required
  • Covid Testing
  • No symptoms Required

1321 NE 99th Ave Suite 100, Portland, OR 97220


  • Referral from Virtual Visit required
  • Appointment Required
  • Drive-through
  • Covid and Antibody Testing

Go to the website and book an instant virtual visit

Vancouver Clinic - (360) 882 -2778

  • Appointment Required
  • Drive-through
  • Covid and Antibody Testing
  • Multiple Locations in Vancouver


Frequently Asked Questions

PNCA’s leadership is actively monitoring the COVID-19 situation through participation in virtual roundtables and conversations with our AICAD colleagues across the country, as well as the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, and the Oregon Alliance of Independent Colleges and Universities.

Campus FAQ
ArtHouse FAQ

Yes, everyone on the building will need to wear masks in all public spaces as per the Governor’s order. We are determining if exceptions can be made for private studios and socially distanced offices.

Yes, the common areas in the 511 Building and Glass will be cleaned several times a day. Sanitation protocols are being developed for shops, printmaking, and other areas with workstations.

Yes, all members of the PNCA community will be expected to wear their IDs to enter and remain in the building.

Our Facilities team and Academic Affairs are currently assessing classrooms to assure there is at least six feet of physical distance between students and students and the instructor. Class sizes will be limited to accommodate physical distancing. We are also establishing cleaning protocols before and after each room is occupied.

We will follow the guidelines issued by the state of Oregon and the Oregon Health Authority in regards to the size of social gatherings. For now, gatherings are limited to less than 25 people with appropriate distancing.

In the meantime PNCA faculty and staff are rethinking how we engage students in and out of the classroom to continue to provide a rich educational experience. How are rules for community areas of Art House adjusted? Only residents of Art House are allowed in the building. Gathering in the common areas will require physical distancing, masks and permission from the Director or Resident Hall staff. All common areas and high touch objects such as door handles and elevator panels will be disinfected several times per day.

The CDC has specified that there be 64 square feet per person in the living areas, or 128 square feet for two people. The apartments in Art House have been measured to ensure that each unit meets this requirement. Also, we are recommending that students in shared rooms with bunk beds sleep head-to-toe to provide seven feet of social distancing when sleeping.


COVID Task Force

David G. Ellis, Interim President
Anne Gallagher, CFO/COO
Kate Copeland, Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs
Cordelia Daniels, Legal Counsel
Darby Knox, Vice President for Student Life
Candace Horter, Vice President for Advancement
Mariam Higgins, PNCA Board of Governors
Ann Hudner, Senior Communications Advisor

COVID Extended Planning Group

Sally Schoolmaster, Faculty Senate President
Jason Redcedar, Chief Information Officer
MK Guth, Director of Hallie Ford School of Graduate Studies
Anna Miltenberger, Director of Admissions
Greg Herrenbruck, Director of Facilities
Everette Rice, Interim Director of Public Safety
Matt Bowers, Creative Director, Office of Communication and Design
Taylor Robertson, Assistant Director of Communications, Office of Communication and Design
Meghann Gilligan, Assistant Administrative Director of Graduate Studies
Mark Taylor, Senior HR Manager

Contact PNCA

if you have questions, please contact any of the following campus offices:

Student Affairs: 585.732.4538

Campus Safety: 503.621.2061

Campus Safety Manager: 503.875.9176