Apple at PNCA

PNCA has partnered with Apple to offer laptop bundles to meet the technology requirements of your area of study at discounted prices. Shop at PNCA’s Apple Store and save on a new MacBook, iPad, or a wide range of accessories to support your studies.

Laptop Requirements

Laptop Software Program

PNCA's laptop software program provides a free Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, Microsoft Office suite software, and drivers that enable printing to campus printers directly from your personal device. Enrollment will be offered to all incoming students at student orientation.

Recommended Laptop Models

At the PNCA Apple Store9076 you will find our current recommended MacBook Pro models in a Baseline, Mid-range, and Advanced configuration. An upgraded model from our Baseline recommendation will work better for resource intensive software, in addition to providing an overall longer usable lifespan. Our Mid-range is recommended for Graphic Design, Illustration, and Photography majors. Our Advanced is recommended for Animated Arts and Video / Sound majors. All configurations include a USB-C to USB adapter and AppleCare+.

Recommended Models