Wellness & Counseling

We recognize and honor the college experience as an important time in life, and take a holistic view of supporting all aspects of our student's well-being.

PNCA Medical Resources


Urgent Care near PNCA

This list includes the nearest hospital and urgent care for as needed healthcare.

M-F 8am - 8pm / Sa+Su 9am-6pm
25 NW 23rd Place
(503) 451-6319

Legacy Good Samaritan Medical
Nearest Hospital Open 24hrs

1015 NW 22nd Ave
(503) 413-7711

Legacy Go Health Urgent Care
8am- 8pm
1244 NW Marshall St

(971) 232-8620

The Portland Clinic
7:30am- 5:30pm
800 SW 13th Ave
(503) 221-0161

ZOOM+Care Pearl
M-F 7am - Midnight
Sa+Su 9am-6pm

202 NW 13th Ave
(971) 998-1011

ZOOM+ Super Clinic

M-SU 7am to Midnight
607 NE Grand Ave
(971) 998-101

Finding a Provider

Provider Directory for Pacific Source PNCA’s Student Health Insurance


If you are on a different insurance plan check your own provider directory or try


Note: It may be difficult to find an in-network provider if your insurance is out of State.

Mental Health

All PNCA Students are eligible for 10 Free Therapy sessions with one of our four

contracted Psychologists.

Contact StudentLife@pnca.edu to make your first appointment.

You can also seek counselors and Psychiatrists on and filter by insurance and other

needs on https://www.psychologytoday.co...

24 Hour Fitness (Video Still), Christina Bailey


Health Insurance and Access to Care

PNCA’s health services include insurance for all students enrolled for six credits or more. Students already covered by a health insurance policy can waive out of PNCA’s policy. Students not covered will be automatically enrolled in PacificSource and the annual premium will be charged to their student accounts. Here is a list of PNCA Student health insurance benefits at a glance (PDF) PNCA has a close working relationship with nearby clinics for students needing immediate medical attention.

Wellness Programming

Office of Student Life sponsors wellness programming throughout the school year, including lunchtime chats with health practitioners, yoga classes, flu shot clinics, stress management groups, bike safety workshops, and meditation times.


Professional Counseling

PNCA invites students to participate in up to 10 counseling sessions per academic year at no additional expense. The Counseling Center’s caring and experienced staff assists many students over the course of each year with transition and adjustment issues as well as more long-term mental health challenges.

Students enrolled in the PNCA student health insurance program also have partially funded professional mental health coverage with other therapists in the Portland area.

Learn more

Stop in and visit us. The Office of Student Life is open Monday through Friday from 8-5pm. For any questions, please email or phone.

Assistant Director of Student Life
Jackson Seemayer

Student Life General