The Alberta Abbey Presents Group Exhibition Along These Lines Curated by VS student Ilsa Payne and CS student Justin Duyao

April 12, 2021

The Alberta Abbey is pleased to present Along These Lines, a group exhibit, featuring a diverse collection of multidisciplinary creatives whose work investigates the common theme of line. Curated by the Pacific Northwest College of Arts (PNCA) Hallie Ford School of Graduate Studies (HFSGS) Curatorial Fellow, Ilsa Payne, and Creative Writing Fellow, Justin Duyao, this exhibit will run from April 8 to May 27, 2021.

Artists participating in the show include Critical Studies student Justin Duyao and Dual Critical Studies-Visual Studies students Erin Bodfish, Lara Higgins, and Ashley Couch. Other artists: Alexa Grambush, Clara Collins, Diana Oropeza, Elizabeth Arzani, Jen Bacon, Kara Cassidy Hall, Krista Gregory, ocean, Perry Chandler, Sandra Rubin, Sarah Abbott, Sarah Rakin, Sarah Rushford, Sky Wilson, Tanner Lind, and Tyler Goodwin.

The lines that traditionally delineate the creative genres of the art world are challenged as both visual artists and creative writers come together to explore the notion of the “line” as both expression and concept, within individual and collaborative works of art.

Among the works featured in the show, some trouble the lines that divide ecological realms, while others capture the essence of fragmented lines of communication, historical and personal timelines that converge, and guidelines that unlock enlightened states of being. Through a broad range of media including poetry, painting, drawing, photography, sculptural and video installation, each artist and writer brings forward their unique interpretations of the concept of line — how they can divide, connect, separate and harmonize.

About the Venue

The 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that operates the Abbey was created in 2015 to sustainably address the need for affordable arts space in the city of Portland. We utilize the building’s 23,000 sqft by offering below-market workspace to artists and arts organizations, affordable event rental spaces, and signature programming that is responsive to the desires of our neighbors and the city’s arts community.